BER- Beyond Economic Repair.

When the Estimation copy shows that the repair cost is more than the estimated cost/ when the device is totally damaged / unrepairable condition then the device is declared as BER.

Retaining the Device:

In the case of Pickup & drop        The authorized service center will retain the device.

In the case of Reimbursement      The customer will retain the Device.                                                                                                                                       ( requested for the  service denial letter/ estimation copy).

Based on the Depreciated Value the claims team will declare the amount.

DepreciationBased upon the age the depreciation will be applicable.

Days Since Purchase of Mobile Depreciated Value
Depreciated Value 
0-90 Days   
  15 % of Invoice Value
91-180 Days
  30% of Invoice Value
181-270 Days 
  40% of Invoice Value
271-365 Days  
  50% of Invoice Value

The amount approved by the relevant team will be credited to the customer's bank account details.