Our Ideology behind claim settlements

We understand that it can be frustrating when a claim isn't settled as expected, and that’s why at ACKO, we take this responsibility seriously. Our commitment to fairness means that we approach each claim with the utmost care, setting aside any biases. Before diving into why a claim might be rejected, let's take a moment to understand how the ACKO claim process works.

First, we assign you a dedicated claim specialist.

When you file a claim with us, we've got your back. We assign a dedicated claim specialist who will be your go-to person throughout the process. Our tech systems work their magic behind the scenes to ensure things go smoothly. From coordinating with the garage for repairs to settling your bills, we do it all for you. We know how important it is to have someone on your side, and that's why our personalized approach ensures you receive the attention you deserve. 

Why are some claims rejected?

We consider ourselves the custodians of our policyholders' money. It's our duty to ensure that only valid claims are paid out. That's why we have a stringent and fair claim process in place, following all the instructions set by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). 

  • Every claim is evaluated based on your policy terms and conditions, ensuring that no genuine claim is denied.

  • To provide an extra layer of caution, our team of specialists double-checks every rejection. We want to be absolutely certain that we haven't missed any important details.

  • In the event of a disagreement, we choose an impartial IRDAI-licensed surveyor to review our observations and offer a fair point of view.

  • We believe in clear communication. If your claim is rejected, we will give you a call and fully explain the reasons behind our decision. 

We understand that sometimes our customers may feel disappointed when they receive a claim amount lower than expected. It’s not our intention to cut corners or pay you less than you deserve. Your claim is meticulously evaluated based on the agreed terms and conditions in your policy. What falls outside of the policy coverage remains outside of the claim amount. We will also provide you with a clear report detailing what's payable and what's not.

No room for social media bullying at ACKO

We take a firm stance against any form of social media bullying or negative behaviour. We're all about fairness, transparency, and accountability. Our mission is to handle claims with utmost professionalism and integrity, without ever compromising on our principles. We believe in staying strong and unwavering, even in the face of external pressure. To ensure impartiality and eliminate biases, we've got a team of IRDAI-licensed surveyors on board. They're here to handle claims, making sure that everything is fair and square. 

We have more people for your help, just in case.

  1. If you feel there has been an oversight or misinterpretation, please contact our Internal Grievance Department. We are more than willing to review any additional information that may influence our decision. 

Contact Information

Grievance Redressal Officer

ACKO General Insurance Limited,

36/5 Hustle hub One East, 2nd Floor, Somasandrapalya,

27th Main Road, Sector 2, HSR Layout,

Bangalore, Karnataka- 560102.

Email: gro@acko.com

Phone (Toll-free): 1800 266 2256/ 1860 266 2256

  1. If you’re not satisfied with our claim rejection decision, you can seek assistance from the Insurance Ombudsman, an external grievance redressal platform. 

Remember, we're here to make your claim process a fair and seamless experience.