Every claim settlement has two components - Acko liability and customer liability. Acko liability is what Acko will pay you/garage to compensate for the loss. Customer liability is the amount that you have to bear. Customer liability can be paid by you to the workshop directly. This typically consists of three parts:

1) Deductible - This is a small, pre-determined amount that you pay at the time of claim. This is typically a flat amount of INR 1000 or INR 2000 for your car (depending on car's engine cc), unless you volunteered to pay a higher amount. Opting for a higher deductible means you are taking more of the risk on yourself, so it is often a way to lower your premium. Your deductible is what you choose at the time of policy purchase and is printed on your policy document. For example, if you have an approved claim that amounts to INR 10,000 and deductible on your policy is INR 1000, we will end up paying you INR 9000 (after we deduct the INR 1000 'deductible'). It also means there is no point in filing claims for anything less than INR 1000. Please refer to you policy document for the claim deductible mount for your policy.

2) Depreciation - The current value of your car's parts decreases as it gets older with each passing year. This is the same reason an older mobile phone, which has been used for a while, costs lesser than a new mobile phone. While the repair workshop would charge what it would cost to buy a new part today, Acko would pay the depreciated price and the difference is paid by you. The depreciation chart used by us will be shared with you while we process your claim.

3) Additional repair - This is the cost of repair for damages which are either not covered in the policy, or were not caused due to the claim incident. For example, front bumper of your car got dented during an accident. You go to the garage and also choose to get your side view mirror replaced, which has been broken for a while. In this case, the side view mirror replacement would fall under additional repair and would not be covered by Acko.