Making a claim

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How do I create a claim for my car policy?

What documents are required for creating a claim for my car policy?

My car is not in drivable condition. How can I get roadside assistance?

My car has been stolen. What should I do?

My car has been totally destroyed in an accident. What should I do?

What is the Acko Advantage program? Why should I opt for it for my claim?

I’ve opted for the Acko Advantage program for my claim but my car has not been picked yet. What should I do?

How do I track the status for my claim?

What is customer liability for a claim? How do I pay for it?

What is On-account Settlement? Why should I opt for it for my claim?

I’ve some existing damages in my car prior to the accident for which I’ve created the claim. What should I do?

If my CNG kit gets stolen, what would be the depreciation percentage applicable for it during the claim?

How many times can I raise a claim with respect to a Zero Depreciation cover?

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