A Super Top-up health insurance plan offers benefits similar to a regular health insurance policy. It also covers treatment costs, ambulance charges, etc. The only difference is this plan can be used only when the expenses exceed the set deductible.

For example

Ms B bought a health insurance policy with a sum insured of Rs. 3 lakhs. It covered herself, her spouse, and one child. After some time, she realised that the base plan’s sum insured could be insufficient and decided to buy a Super Top-up Plan with a deductible of Rs. 3 lakh. This new plan offered a usable sum insured of Rs. 4 lakhs.

Unfortunately, the family got into a road accident, and all three members had to be hospitalised for multiple injuries. The hospital bill amounted to Rs. 5 lakhs. Here is how both the plans helped Ms B during the medical emergency.

Sum insuredRs. 3 lakhsRs. 4 lakhs
Claim honouredRs. 3 lakhsRs. 2 lakhs
Remaining sum insuredNilRs. 2 lakhs