ACKO platinum super topup

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What is Super Top-up Health Insurance?

How does Super Top-up health insurance work?

What is the difference between top up and super top up?

What are the benefits of buying ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance Policy?

What are Sum insured amount options available for the super top up?

Who should opt for Super Top-up health insurance?

Key features of ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance

What is the eligibility criteria for ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Medical Insurance plan ?

My employer does not offer ACKO Group Medical Coverage (GMC). Can I still buy the Super Top-up plan from ACKO?

Do I need to undergo Pre-Policy Medical Checkup before buying the plan?

My senior citizen parents are covered under ACKO Group Medical Cover provided by my employer. Can I add my parents to the Super Top-up Plan?

What factors affect the Super top up health insurance premium?

Inclusions in Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans

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