A Super Top-up Health Insurance Plan, is a type of plan which you can purchase with or without a primary health insurance policy. All you need to do is set a deductible while buying a Super Top-up Plan. 

The deductible is an amount you must pay before your insurance plan starts covering your approved medical expenses. Then, at the time of claim, you must pay the hospital bill up to this deductible, and the Super Top-up Plan will cover the remaining claim amount. 

Deductibles can be paid by in three different ways:

From your pocket 

From the Group health cover

From your existing health insurance policy

Let's understand this with the help of an example. 

Super Top-up Example:

Best friends James and Neha bought ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans for themselves and their dependents. 

James already had a health insurance policy with Rs. 5 lakhs sum insured.

Neha did not have any existing health insurance plan.

Since they both could set a deductible of their choice on the Super Top-up plan, James set it at Rs. 5 lakhs, and Neha set it at Rs. 2 lakhs. 

In case of a future claim, James can claim up to Rs. 5 lakhs from his primary health plan and the balance amount from his Super Top-up plan if the expenses exceed the deductible. 

At the same time, Neha must pay Rs. 2 lakh out of her own pocket, and then claim the remaining amount from the Super Top-up plan; since she does not have an existing health plan. 

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