The ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance Policy can be purchased with your Individual or Family-floater Health Insurance Policy. You will get the following benefits of buying our Super Top-up Plan.

High sum insured

You can choose between Rs. 25 lakhs, 50 lakhs, one crore, and unlimited sum insured. This way, you will always have a substantial and adequate sum insured with our Super Top-up health plan, should you ever need it. Hospitalisation costs won't be a concern for you because such a high coverage amount ensures that your out-of-pocket expenses are almost non-existent.

Useful add-ons included

Add-ons are known to increase coverage, but they come at an additional cost. However, this is not true for the ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance Policy. Useful add-ons like Non-medical expenses waiver, Room Rent Waiver, and Waiting Period Waiver are already a part of the policy.

Critical illness coverage

The cost of treating or managing a critical illness like Kidney failure, Cancer, or a Heart attack can be exorbitant. Plus, you must buy a separate medical insurance plan if you wish to safeguard related expenses. But with a high sum insured of our Super Top-up Plan, such costs can be claimed easily. There is no need to spend more on buying a Critical Illness policy.

Coverage for multiple ambulance trips

You may be responsible for renting an ambulance between your house and the hospital during a medical emergency. This is because insurers usually cover one trip per claim. However, we will pay for all such ambulance journeys for each instance of hospitalisation. The limit for ambulance expenses is up to the sum insured. Such a high limit will sufficiently cover hospital expenses and all the ambulance costs as well.

Domestic emergency evacuation coverage

In a rare case when adequate medical facilities are unavailable locally, we can arrange transportation to a well-equipped hospital via a multi-speciality aircraft, road ambulance, or rail.