GMC Policyholders from any company can also avail Acko’s Super Top Up plan. It does not matter if you are covered under ACKO GMC or not. You can purchase a Super Top-up health plan from us to create a financial safety net and cover your medical expenses beyond the deductible limit.

For Example: 

Rahul works for ACB Fireworks, where he is covered under ACKO Group Medical Cover (GMC). The sum insured of his GMC is Rs. 5 lakhs, but Rahul has a family history of cancer, so he opted for ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Plan. After a while, Rahul decides to switch to another company, but his new employer does not offer ACKO GMC. In this case, Rahul and his dependents can still continue to avail coverage under ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Plan.