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For how long am I covered under my Health Policy?

Is COVID-19/Coronavirus treatment covered under this policy?

What do you mean by Pre-existing Illness?

Which Pre-existing Illnesses are not covered under this policy?

What is the Waiting Period?

If I have multiple health policies (a Corporate Policy and a Personal Policy), can I claim some part from the Personal Policy and some part from the Employer-offered Corporate Policy?

Will the doctor consultations, where hospitalization does not happen, be covered under my Health Insurance Plan?

What is OPD and does this policy cover OPD as well?

Are pre and post-hospitalization treatments or expenses covered? How many days of Pre and Post hospitalisation covered under my policy?

What is the significance of Room Rent? Can I opt for whichever room I want?

Are blood tests and procedures like CT Scan, MRI, X-ray, etc. covered under this policy?

What is day care treatment? Is it covered under this plan?

How much is the ambulance cover limit in this policy?

What is Cumulative Bonus and how does it work?

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