Buying a policy

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How do I buy a policy for my car?

How can I buy the policy if I have external CNG fitted in my car?

Can I buy a policy for a commercial car?

How do I buy a policy for a second-hand car that I purchased recently?

Can I buy a policy for a brand new car?

What are the insurance plans I can buy for my car?

What is a Deductible?

What is Zero Dep Smart Saver Plan?

What is a Personal Accident Cover?

What is IDV?

What is NCB (No Claim Bonus)?

What is the difference between Registration Year and Manufacturing Year?

How can I buy the policy if my previous car policy has already expired?

What are the documents required to buy a car policy?

What are the payment methods I can use to buy a policy?

Which mobile number and email address should I provide while buying the policy?

What are the applicable GST charges?

What if the model and variant for my car is not available on the website?

Can I buy a policy for my 15-year-old vehicle?

I’m not able to buy the policy, it says 'Sorry we cannot serve you at the moment'.

How can I buy a Comprehensive policy if my previous car policy was Third-party only policy?

What are the add-ons available  and what is the criteria for opting the add-ons?

What is 1, 2 & 3, as advertised on the website?

Can I buy OD only policy, if yes then how?

If I have NCB in my bike policy can I take the same in car policy?

What benefit I’ll get if I visit Acko from Amazon website to buy policy ? Are there any additional benefits for Amazon Prime customers?

How do I claim for the GST amount?

Can you fill in details on my behalf and send me the link to pay?

Why do you need my PIN code? Which PIN code I should enter in the flow?

Where do I find information I need to purchase the policy (Previous Insurer, Policy expiry date etc.)

I am not seeing NCB option applicable for me as my NCB is being carry forwarded from my last vehicle. What should I do?

What is a car review?

When is car review required?

How do I schedule a car review?

What documents are required for car review?

What steps are involved in the car review process?

How do I track the status of my car review?

How will Acko notify me once my car review is approved?

How do I purchase a policy after car review?

Where can I see pre-existing damages that are excluded from my policy?

How do I reschedule my vehicle inspection?

No one contacted me for my scheduled inspection. Whom should I contact?

What should I do if my car is rejected for insurance after review?

How can I set up auto-renewal for a policy?

Can I insure an electric vehicle?

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